Booksters Gonna Book Hooded Blanket


The Hooded Blanket for the Bookster among readers. The Bookster is the hero we may not have realized we needed, providing us with the latest bookish news and well-informed book recommendations so that we stay updated and only read the best of what each genre has to offer, particularly romance.

emposia bookish hooded blankets warranty, fluffy fabric, button attachment, and machine washable


Material: Soft environment friendly Sherpa on the interior. You'll feel so fluffy, sheep will be jealous of you.
Button Attachment: Securely placed under the neck area so you can wear your blanket as a cape. Comfy to wear while lounging on the couch, sitting at a desk and even walking around.
Comfy Hood: Spacious and comfy hood for those who want to escape reality while they read.
Size: 200 cm wide and 150 cm tall (including the hood). Wraps around you like a toasty burrito.
Weight: About 900 grams. Comfy and soft to move around in, even if you read at a rate of 1,000 different positions/minute. And thick enough to keep you cozy all year round.

All our wearable hooded blankets are machine washable and dryer friendly. Here's what we recommend to keep your blanket feeling toasty and looking fresh:
  • Cold water machine wash (≤30°C)
  • Low heat machine tumble dry or air dry

˅Shipping & Warranty

Insured Shipping:

  • For USA: 2-day delivery available for some designs. Other express (3-6 day) and standard (10-14 day) delivery options are also available.
  • For Other Countries: Standard 10-14 day delivery ($5 flat fee).
  • Shipping Countries: USA, Canada, U.K., Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, France, and Italy.
Warranty: FREE 365-days design and color warranty on all hooded blankets.

Our Hooded Blanket is like a huge warm hug.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I’m absolutely loving my blanket. I even took it to uni with me. It’s my favourite blanket to keep cosy and warm!


Everyone knows I am obsessed with anything bookish! Bookish prints, bookish jewelry, bookish mugs…anything and everything! Even better if it is something I can use while reading! A bookish mug of tea while reading=perfection! Or so I thought! Then I got my Emposia blanket and hello true perfection! My book, a bookish mug, and a bookish blanket! This blanket is so warm and cozy, you cannot beat it for curling up with your book, or even just to watch a movie! I absolutely love my blanket and the bookish saying just makes it that much better!!

Nina H.

When I sit down and read, the first thing I always reach for is a cozy blanket. Emposia's soft, hooded blanket has been my go-to blanket this fall. I was initially surprised at how big the blanket was and how well it fully covered my entire body. Aside from this, the thing that really stood out to me was the blanket design. It's absolutely perfect for readers like myself! I can tell this will be a blanket I use for years to come.

Martijn M.
Review Booksters gona book

Bought it as a christmas present for my girlfriend. She is absolutely mad about it and is so pleased with the warmth and fluffyness. I thought it was a great idea to include a button and a buttonloop. The only tricky part is choosing which one to buy 😅 our cat also loves it to lay on top of it.

Deer reader

Absolutely gorgeous! I love my super cosy yet light weighted Deer Reader blanket and the Bookster Gonna Book that I gifted shrouded my friend in glee as well. They will both certainly be much hugged constant fixtures on us! Thank you!