A Cozy Christmas Read

by Emposia Writing Team December 24, 2019

A Cozy Christmas Read


Since starting university, I haven't read a lot just for the fun of reading, except for on my Christmas and Summer breaks.

I grew up in a very small town where there was very little to do, and my parents’ house was actually 10 minutes from town.  So, when I tell you I lived in the middle of nowhere, I mean I lived in the
middle of nowhere.  My parents’ house was so far into the woods, we had dial-up internet until I was in university (I grantee there are readers here who don’t remember dial-up, and let’s be clear, I’m only 23), and even now, it is limited and is only so many gigabytes per month, so Netflix was not an option, the boredom was real. 

So, over my Christmas breaks my two choices of entertainment was watching Hallmark Christmas movies (which I love by the way), and catching up on my never ending “to be read” list. Typically, my Christmas breaks would be about three weeks long, and I averaged 5 books a week during that break. 

I know that the fact that I had little to nothing to do when I was home played a large part in my reading habits, but there was always something more than that.  Over my summer breaks I never read that much.

Christmas time has a certain coziness about it that makes for the perfect reading atmosphere. There is nothing more comforting than curling up with a good book next to the woodstove (yes, my parents have a woodstove in the middle of their living room) with a cup of coffee or cocoa in your hand. 

Today, I'm recreating the wonderful feelings that can only come from the perfect Cozy Christmas Read:


A Good Book

Obviously the first step to the perfect Cozy Christmas Read is a good book.  This time of year, I read any and all of the books on my “to read” list, but for the best Christmas feelings, I love to read books that are actually centered around Christmas. The first book I'm starting with this season is Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan.

Some old Christmas favourites have been (sorry, I really only read YA novels):

Comfy Matters for Cozy

To me, reading is not so fun if you're not comfortable.

I think the key to a Cozy Christmas Read is a comfortable seat. If you’re a binge reader like me, maybe you’ll want somewhere you can switch how you’re sitting/laying every once and a while.  I’m one of those people that sits and lays in just about every which way while reading and I change my position every couple of chapters.  So I prefer a good couch (to myself) or my bed.  

I also think that what you’re wearing MATTERS.  PJs or sweats are practically a must if you’re trying to achieve the ultimate cozy feelings.  Bonus Points if your jammies are Christmas-y (Old Navy jingle jammies are my fav).  

Another great add on is a pair of cozy socks or slippers.  I’m not usually a sock girl, but the “reading socks” from Chapters/Indigo are amazing.  ALSO, a fluffy blanket and/or sweater makes everything better.

A Warm Drink

I am a HUGE coffee drinker, so that's typically my drink of choice while curled up reading. Tea is also good, but not as good as coffee.

Since this time it's all about setting up the Cozy Christmas Read atmosphere, hot chocolate with a peppermint stick is just perfection. Nothing screams Holiday drink like peppermint hot chocolate.

Also, having a festive mug is my favorite.  I LOVE mugs, I have a large collection, and this year I thrifted a vintage “Merry Christmas” mug with a Santa on it and I swear it makes my peppermint hot chocolate taste better


Candles and/or twinkle lights make everything more magical. The faint glow of the Christmas tree and the smell of an evergreen candle burning is a wonderful thing.


Okay, so I am a snacker, but I also am weird about getting food on my books, so I never eat something that could transfer to my pages. SO, Christmas cookies are perfect for a Cozy Christmas Read (bake christmas cookies with Alexandra below).


This last one may be a little bit extra, but honestly, I think it is so fun and I don’t care if people judge me for it. Turning on your tv or laptop to the “fireside” channel is the best. It cranks the Cozy Christmas Read feelings so high and I love it.

Like I mentioned before, my parents had a real woodstove and the sounds of the crackling fire made the room feel peaceful and so why not recreate that feeling on your screen?

Bookstagram Challenge

Now, if you’re like me, and you’re thinking “this Cozy Christmas Read scenario sounds like a great Instagram post” then you’re right (I know I just called myself right, but I do it all the time, it’s fine).  So, I want to challenge you to get your Cozy Christmas Read on and tag us in your post! Snap a picture of how you’ve made the perfect atmosphere for the coziest Christmas read, what book you’re reading, and if there is anything else you think makes reading at Christmas time the coziest.

Need some Inspiration?  Here are a few of my favorite Instagram pictures that inspired me to write this blog:

bookstagram holiday themed pictures by book lovers

Visit @Sarahchapter | Visit @Thedarklingone | Visit @AustinRutland 

Quick tips for your bookstagram photo:

  • Natural light makes a difference in a photo, but sometimes the coziest feelings come from the glow of a lamp and some twinkle lights.
  • A picture near a window with some snow in the background makes the holiday feels come alive.
  • Adding little things like garland, pinecones, Christmas bulbs, red and green pillows make the feeling of the photo even more Christmas-y!
  • Have fun with it! It’s all a little silly, but why not join in?!

Bonus: Baking Christmas Cookies

You know christmas cookies are my go-to cozy reading snacks. Sooo, to end this post on a sweet note, here's Alexandra Roselyn, one of the coolest booktubers around, baking Christmas cookies:

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Let’s Meet in the Comments
What's your favourite part of the Holiday Season?

Stay Cozy & Happy Reading,

Emposia Writing Team
Emposia Writing Team


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