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The coziest hooded blankets in the world attract some of the nicest and nerdiest people in the world. You might spot them at a café with their nose in a book.

Whether they're 
wrapped up like a burrito at home, a park, or in a bookstore, we want to thank them for spreading the word. Here's to creating cozy memories!

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This was a bit of an impulse buy for me, but so worth it! The material inside and out is soft and cozy. It is the perfect weight where it is not flimsy, but not overly bulky and heavy either. It is a little stiff right out of the bag, but nothing that won't relax with a couple uses.

So far I have only used it a couple times, as it is still summer and quite warm where I live, but those few times were wonderful. I have a small dog that likes snuggle under blankets and against my side while I read. This hooded blanket allows us both to be cozy! I was a little worried about the size as I am a bit more squishy than some, but it is a good size and I can wrap it around myself (and my 20-pound pup) comfortably.

They also included a delicious recipe for hot cocoa, which I thought was a wonderful added touch (and made it feel a bit more personal). All in all, this blanket is perfect and I might just have to turn down the thermostat a couple degrees to have an excuse to wear it around the house!


I love it so much! It makes me feel like a wizard about to partake in some shenanigans.

Dreamer Hooded Blanket
Krystal Wirth

I am absolutely in love with my hooded blanket. It's absolutely beautiful and so comfortable.

Dreamer Hooded Blanket
Connie Wilkinson
Love it!

This blanket is the comfiest thing ever, I swear I’ve been living in it! The button is incredibly helpful in keeping it around my shoulders and the hood adds an extra layer of comfort. Couldn’t speak highly enough of it!

So soft and cozy

I love the image and its so soft on the inside. My do is trying to steal it

Dreamer Hooded Blanket
Michelle Tolentino

I love my blanket! I use it while I read and it's the best blanket for road trips. I highly recommend


I may be the only man who even freezes by 60 degrees.

I love it, and if someone is asking themselves, don´t use it in the morning or you may haven´t the power to leave for work. And I can only agree with some of the bloggers´ reviews, it feels like a warm hug.

You need this blanket in your life!

I absolutely adore my blanket!!

Dreamer Hooded Blanket
Virginia Parnell
My dog has taken my blanket

The few times I have used the blanket I loved it but ... My small dog has decided to take this blanket and loves to curl up in the hood. Very cute.

Dreamer Hooded Blanket

Simply amazing!

So soft and wonderful quality I wear this to work at my daycare during nap time and have to keep myself from falling asleep! So cozy and soft and easy to cuddle up in! For sure my new favorite blanket and I have a LOT of blankets!


I love it so much. I haven’t used it much cause it’s been a bit hot and I also haven’t had much time to just sit down so hopefully i’ll get to use it more. It has a built in put away feature with the hood and I love wearing it as a cape.

Great book partner!

Comfy, warm and perfect to wrap yourself in.


Warm and pretty. Comfy even though I live in the heat of the desert. Can't wait for winter, and it's perfect for keeping me warm while I read my book.
Only thing that would make it even better is if it had POCKETS. :)

Shelfie Hooded Blanket
Danielle Thomas
Soft and cozy

Perfect to snuggle up in with a good book.

Dreamer Hooded Blanket

So cozy

I love the hood feature and sherpa lining that make it so cozy and my go-to blanket when I want to read!

The blanket is just perfect. It looks amazing, it’s so soft and everything I could ask for! All the designs are so pretty and I’m glad it looks high quality in real life too! I’m very tempted to get another one. I love it!

coziest gift ever

Ever since it arrived I have used it every day. I love getting into a cozy mood to read with my blanket and a hot chocolate. The vibes are impeccable. I have also been working from home and so having this blanket at my desk has also made it so much more comfortable. If you're on the fence, I recommend going for it because the quality of the blanket is amazing, ridiculously soft, the designs are gorgeous, and I love the values underlying Emposia. This would also make such a wonderful gift!

Perfect for reading

The blanket is perfect for reading! It’s cosy and comfortable but also is great addition to my reading routine, I’d be lost without it now

Dreamer Hooded Blanket
Jeilee Olivencia
Excellent gift

The Dreamer Hooded Blanket is amazingly cozy, it is soft and it helps keeping the heat in. It is nicely made and the fleece is super soft. Definitely recommend it for those who love to bundle up and stay cozy. Makes a perfect gift.

Super cute and cozy!!

I am obsessed with my hooded blanket. I have had to keep it in my bedroom to hide it from my kids. It’s very warm and cozy and is my favorite to sit down with and read a good book or watch Netflix.


One of the best service I have got. I had a mix in my order and they fixed it in quickly and perfect timing.

Super Soft and Comfy!

Super soft and perfect for snuggling up in with a good book or just for anytime you're chilly! The design is so beautiful and the colors are beautiful in person just like online. The pillowcase to store it is such a great idea!

My favourite blanket

I love my emposia blanket so much! It’s incredibly warm and so soft. I always find myself grabbing it a lot more than other blankets I own. My favorite thing about it is how easily I can wear it without it falling off of my shoulders while reading or watching shows on my bed.