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The coziest hooded blankets in the world attract some of the nicest and nerdiest people in the world. You might spot them at a café with their nose in a book.

Whether they're 
wrapped up like a burrito at home, a park, or in a bookstore, we want to thank them for spreading the word. Here's to creating cozy memories!

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A Readers Dream

This has to be the cutest and most ingenious purchase I have done. As a book nerd, I sometimes find myself with a normal blanket wrapped around myself and twisting it around my neck as a handsfree cape and this was an all in one hooded blanket cape! The design was beautiful and its so soft and thick material. I was the envy of my family. Customer service was so helpful when my package was delayed during christmas season and resolved the issue with no problem. I will definitely come back and purchase another blanket for myself or as a present.

Amazing Product and Top Notch Customer Service

I ordered a hooded blanket earlier this year and fell so in love with it. Y’all, I’m from the South (USA), the land of supreme heat and humidity, and still use it daily. I knew immediately I had to get one for my friend for her birthday also. After the post office lost her package, I contacted customer service to see if there was anything they could do. Emposia FAR exceeded my expectations - I’ve never met a company with such amazing customer service. Not only did they send another blanket to my friend, I just received a surprise second blanket for me as well.

Thank you so much. Emposia. You have me raving about your company to everyone I meet.

If you’re on the fence trying to decide whether to order one? Do it, you won’t regret it. Their product is amazing (my dog agrees as she likes to steal my blanket), but their customer service is also top notch.

So comfy!

This thing is soooooooo comfy. I used it last night to read and relax and I love it so much. It’s a little hard to clasp for clumsy people, I would love if they had an easier way to close it. It doesn’t matter that much to me. Another thing I’d love is POCKETS, and even more sizes. I’ll basically live in this thing all winter!


Warm and pretty. Comfy even though I live in the heat of the desert. Can't wait for winter, and it's perfect for keeping me warm while I read my book.
Only thing that would make it even better is if it had POCKETS. :)

Fixed and Fabulous

Hello again,

I'm leaving the old review below, but here's a fun update.

Emposia have actually redesigned the clasp that they use on the blankets and, in my opinion, it is a 5/5 now.

Got a new one delivered last week and it's fantastic! I highly recommended that if you are into comfort and style, as you read, get one...or two!

Also, I want to give a shout out to Mo, the founder, and his service team. I'm very impressed with how you handled everything.

Great job!

(Old review)
Happy new year,

I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my lady. She absolutely loved it; however, there is a small design flaw I wanted to address.

The, "button clasp-thing" that it came with broke on the first day. If you are open to suggestions I have a possible solution. I would recommend sewing two buttons, one on each side, rather than the string loop. As a means of connecting the two buttons, try making a paracord figure eight as a tie. This would have more give and allow for the option to tie things up or wear it loose.

Otherwise, fantastic quality. I will definitely buy from you again!

Be well.

Absolutely Beautiful!

I saw this on a Booktuber’s blog and thought it looked so soft with such a cute design. My order came quick and I was so happy that it was just as soft and pretty as it looked online! I love using it when I snuggle down with a book.

Love this blanket

I'm absolutely in love with my hooded blanket! I've barely taken it off since I've got it, the little button on the front is genius and makes it easy to wrap yourself up and be burrito snug! The sherpa is so soft and warm and the Dreamer design is absolutely stunning - feels so magical!

It's bookish! And wearable! What more could I want?

I'm forever bundled up in blankets, and always reach for my one from Emposia. As someone with health related things that mean I'm always cold (to the point of hurting), I've tried and tested many different things - I can honestly say my Emposia blanket is the one thing that instantly warms me - and keeps me cosy - without fail. I'm honestly so impressed with the quality of it, and rely on it so much now.

this blanket is so cute and so cozy!

it fits perfect on my bean bag chair and i always get compliments from friends and family whenever they come over. i got the the bibliophile definition one because it was such a nice cream color and i thought it would look nice with my room scheme. would definitely recommend this especially because the hooded part makes it so easy to just curl up, read, and forget the world around you!

Emposia Blankets are one of a kind

Their designs are carefully curated for lovers of all things cozy and thoughtful. The material of the blanket makes for a perfect companion for those chilly nights indoors, paired with a cup of tea and a good book! I have worked with Emposia in the past and they have been nothing but passionate, kind, and creatively driven. I hope to see them come out with even more incredible designs and ideas!

The coziest ever

All I have to say for Emposia blankets is good things. I have had my blanket for about a year now and I have LOVED it since day one. The design on the blanket is high quality and hasn’t faded at all and the fabric is so warm and fuzzy. I’ve washed this blanket multiple times since my pets love it just as much and it’s still good as new. I love curling up in this hooded blanket, it’s so cosy and warm. This is a perfect gift for every book lover or blanket lover out there!!

I absolutely adore my Emposia blanket. I’ve owned mine for just over a year now and it’s honestly my favourite thing ever. The design is beautiful and it’s kept it’s colour and quality even after being washed multiple times. The inside of the blanket is fluffy and warm. I love that it has a hood and button to wrap myself in for extra coziness. My favourite thing to do is sit under my blanket and read my book.

I am absolutely in love with my Emposia Blanket!

My nightly routine consists of my book, hot tea and my Emposia blanket to snuggle in. I have been using the blanket for a few months and have washed it 6 times and the quality is absolutely amazing! It’s as soft and the colors vibrant as the day I received it. You need this blanket in your life! Get it now and get your hygge in!

I’m absolutely loving my blanket. I even took it to uni with me. It’s my favourite blanket to keep cosy and warm!

The hooded blanket is soft and cozy, but it’s also a lot heavier and bigger than I expected! It definitely keeps me warm. I often receive compliments about the beautiful design and soft texture. In fact, it’s hard to keep it away from my husband, who loves to claim it for himself.

I also love the versatility. I can use the hood and fasten the blanket in place around my shoulders with the cute button, or I can just bundle up with it like any regular blanket. It’s perfect as a gift for yourself or those close to you. Go ahead and buy two!

My blanket keeps me so incredibly warm, it’s perfect for when I want to cozy up on the sofa with a good book. And when I put on the hood I feel like some kind of winter princess meets a snuggly burrito!

I love my hooded blanket! It‘s so warm, soft and cosy that I want to spend my entire winter bundled up in it. Is it okay to go to work like this? :) The quality is superb and customer service is extremely nice and helpful. Two thumbs up!!

I’m naturally a cold person (and that’s saying something considering the Australian heat), so this blanket is my saving grace! I love how cozy the fleece-living on the inside is and how it’s cape-like design makes me feel like Little Red Riding Hood. The design is absolutely gorgeous and gives me all the bookish feels, and I want to collect them all! Can’t wait to wrap myself up like a burrito again next Winter!

As a Canadian, this blanket is EXACTLY what I'll need to keep warm this winter! It's the epitome of cozy and quality mixed into one.

I'm loving my Emposia blanket! It's one of the sofest blankets I've owned. It's super cute and really cozy! It's perfect for becoming a burrito. And my dog absolutely loves it, it only took about a day for him to steal it from me! I definitely think it's the perfect blanket to get during the winter time to warm you up!

When I ordered my blankets, I was contacted personally by Mo, who runs Emposia, and he is amazing and incredibly friendly! I was impressed by how personal my experience felt. These blankets are a must-have for your home library. Once you see all of their amazing blankets, I guarantee you will end up buying yourself one or two, and they make perfect gifts for the book lovers in your life. I myself can't wait to see their new batch of blankets as I am sure I will end up buying another one, okay two more.

I’m naturally a cold person (and that’s saying something considering the Australian heat), so this blanket is my saving grace! I love how cozy the fleece-living on the inside is and how it’s cape-like design makes me feel like Little Red Riding Hood. The design is absolutely gorgeous and gives me all the bookish feels, and I want to collect them all! Can’t wait to wrap myself up like a burrito again next Winter!

This is the softest blanket I own and so quickly became my favorite! I was expecting only the back side to be soft, but the front is just as nice, with a cozy velvety feel. And I love the hood! It’s nice to be able to wrap it around me like a cloak and not have to risk losing any warmth if I need to get up from the couch. The ultimate cozy blanket!

Let me start off by saying I’m a connoisseur of blankets. I have dozens of them all over my house because I am always cold. Emposia blankets surprised me though! They gave me a blanket that is not only fun and bookish with a beautiful pattern with some of my favorite novels featured on it, they gave me a new way to use a blanket that I didn’t already have. This blanket had a hooded feature and I can literally wrap myself completely up into a burrito! The best possible way to use a blanket. It is soft, it is warm and it is much larger than I expected, in the best of ways! And not only do I love it, my 3 year old black lab has taken a liking to it too!

Everyone knows I am obsessed with anything bookish! Bookish prints, bookish jewelry, bookish mugs…anything and everything! Even better if it is something I can use while reading! A bookish mug of tea while reading=perfection! Or so I thought! Then I got my Emposia blanket and hello true perfection! My book, a bookish mug, and a bookish blanket! This blanket is so warm and cozy, you cannot beat it for curling up with your book, or even just to watch a movie! I absolutely love my blanket and the bookish saying just makes it that much better!!