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The coziest hooded blankets in the world attract some of the nicest and nerdiest people in the world. You might spot them at a café with their nose in a book.

Whether they're 
wrapped up like a burrito at home, a park, or in a bookstore, we want to thank them for spreading the word. Here's to creating cozy memories!

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A Readers Dream

This has to be the cutest and most ingenious purchase I have done. As a book nerd, I sometimes find myself with a normal blanket wrapped around myself and twisting it around my neck as a handsfree cape and this was an all in one hooded blanket cape! The design was beautiful and its so soft and thick material. I was the envy of my family. Customer service was so helpful when my package was delayed during christmas season and resolved the issue with no problem. I will definitely come back and purchase another blanket for myself or as a present.

Gift Case
Michael kirby
great gift

Whenever my wife isn't wearing the hooded blanket, she's using it as a pillow!

Dreamer Hooded Blanket
Valisatie Koetje
Love, love, love it!

The hooded blanket is the best ever. I use it almost daily and it's perfect for when I'm working from home.

Dreamer Hooded Blanket

Fantastic cosy blanket

Great for a cosy reading day! I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves soft blankets and books!

Almost perfect

Only issue I had was that the button popped off but it was an easy fix, other than that no complaints, absolutely perfect.

Outstanding in every way!!!

This is a WONDERFUL hooded blanket! So soft and warm and cozy. It's extra long too, so no cold feet! Material used is premium. The customer service is unparalleled as well! They kept contact via email with me throughout the order process, the item was quickly shipped and they even followed up with me afterwards. Order a blanket, you won't be sorry!

Dreamer Hooded Blanket
Karri Johnson
One of the coolest purchase I have done online

I love my blanket that I got. It's soft and it traps
the heat in. I haven't had the blanket long but
the quality feels like it will last forever. The hoodie adds a cool vibe that makes me feel like
the evil queen from Snow White. 10/10 would
recommend to anyone who needs a cool blanket!

The best

It is really the perfect size, I was worried about it not being able to cover me but it fits perfectly. so cute.

Dreamer Hooded Blanket
Jorge Alexis Jaimes
I want another one for myself….

This blanket is the best thing I ever bought for my girlfriend. She always wanted a hooded blanket for when she is reading. I, one day, accidentally stole it from her for my gaming needs (I swear, it was an accident), and it was the best and warmest feeling during my gaming session. I am definitely buying another one for myself. Take my advice - if you have a partner and are getting one for them, make sure you buy yourself one as well.

Gift Case
Haley McCanna
So worth the wait!

I couldn’t be happier with my blanket. It’s softer than I expected and I wear it almost every single night. 10/10, have already recommended to others! Thanks guys!

S/O to the Insta Gods!

Shout-out to the insta gods for bringing me to this blanket, it is truly just what I was looking for (the button is a game changer!) The quality of the blanket and retro gamer design are perfect and it's just the right amount of cozy!


We bought the Dreamer Hooded Blanket for our daughter. She loves it! She wraps herself up in it and enjoys a good book.

Cozy and Fun

I’m in love with this blanket, it’s so soft and cozy. I have a lot of fun walking around the house with it on pretending it’s a cape too. There’s really not much else to say, all around I love it.

Dreamer Hooded Blanket

Super soft, really warm but not overbearing, I can still wear it during the rising temperatures!

Galaxy Hooded Blanket
Izzy Lancaster
I love it

It's warm and cozy, it makes a great cloak and a great blanket. I only wish they made a sleeved version.


I love this blanket MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF. We’re going on vacation soon and my husband told me that I need to check multiple times to ensure I pack my hooded blanket [cape] or else I’ll have a miserable vacation!! And he’s not wrong!!! This blanket is definitely a buy!!

Although shipping took a hot second to get itself together (not the hooded blanket's fault), I was genuinely really happy with my hooded blanket--not only is it adorable and functional, but it's so warm (so, so warm!) and has the perfect amount of weight to feel comforting as well! I'm really glad I ended up getting it. I definitely would recommend it if you get cold easily.

Dreamer Hooded Blanket
Bethany White
Great gift idea

I bought the Dreamer Hooded blanket as a gift for my best friend and she absolutely loves it! It's so soft and keeps her warm while enjoying a good book, or just relaxing on the couch with friends and family. Definitely recommend this blanket to those looking for a gift for themselves or for someone else

Dreamer Hooded Blanket

Teen loves it!

My teen loves curling up in her hooded blanket. Everything shipped on time & the quality is great. This momma is gonna have to buy herself one too in the near future!!

Gift Case
Clare Hinds

My daughter loves it

Ms D.

My Granddaughter Love her Hooded Blanket!

Loves it

I brought this for my daughter for Christmas and she totally loves it


Warm, beautiful, and so soft. I could use it as a pillow. It also looks pretty just hanging up on my closet door. The art is beautiful and looks handmade and even my dogs want to sleep on it (naturally, I don't let them).