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Why Hooded Blankets?
Every awesome hero needs a cape (sorry Spidey). And every book lover needs a blanket. We combined the two because you're the hero of your story. We're here to help you express your love for books, stay burrito snug with style, and create cozy memories on your reading journey.

Our Team

As a small business in Canada, our team starts with you. At Emposia, every member of our Blanket Club brings a unique story - and we're committed to maintaining this as we grow. More than 90% of the images on the website are taken by and feature the happy (and burrito-snug) book lovers who helped launch and who continue to support Emposia. Here's Chelsea, one of our earliest fans, unboxing her hooded blanket...


Brainstorming the Designs
Wondering how we came up with each design? Here are the book lovers who brainstormed the designs, mentioned in ascending order of how much we love them (just kidding, they're mentioned in alphabetical order):

Amber (@caffeinated_books): Austen's Garden Hooded Blanket.
Beth (@bethsbookshelf): Pets & Prose Hooded Blanket
Carina (@thefictionfaery): Deer Reader Hooded Blanket
Cath (@cupsandthoughts): Typewarmer Hooded Blanket
Coleen (@cfeecup): Shelfie Hooded Blanket
Elena (@thebibliotheque): Booksters Gonna Book Hooded Blanket
Liv (@bookstolivby): Bibliophile Hooded Blanket
Tara (@blogaboutalatte): Cozy Classics Hooded Blanket
Yasmin & Becca (@yasminthereader & @xxbeccabumxx): Dreamer Hooded Blanket.

Novella Locritani (@nuvvolart) is the creative artist who turned ideas into reality.


Trusted by Your Favourite BookTubers
Alexandra(@Alexandra Roselyn)
Amanda(@The Naughty Librarian)
Ashleigh (@ A Frolic Through Fiction): Cozy Classics Hooded Blanket Unboxing Video
Becca(@Becca and The Books)
Boston(@boston reads books)
Codie(@Codie's Book Corner)
Emma(@Drinking By My Shelf)
Gintare(@Book Roast)
Olivia(@Life with Liv)
Mika(@Mika Auguste)
Peyton(@Peyton Reads)
Sabine (@ Sabine's Book Nook): Deer Reader Hooded Blanket Button 101 Video
Zoë(@Zoë Delaney)


...and Your Pets

Our hooded blankets are Krueger approved! This means that your pets will slowly, but surely, take over your blanket.

What is "Burrito Snug"?

Invented by our early adopters, 'Burrito Snug' is a state of feeling cozy, toasty, and at peace reading your book while wrapped up in a hooded blanket. Like a burrito.

Got questions or suggestions?
Drop us a message on our Contact Us page.

Stay Cozy & Happy Reading,
Your friends at Emposia 😊