About Us

About Emposia

One of my favourite childhood memories is when my mom and I would read bedtime stories together. We would build a mini blanket fort, turn on a flashlight, and flip through the pages of a Ladybird Favourite Tales book until I fell asleep. My favourites were Jack & the Beanstalk and The Gingerbread Man.

Fast forward about 2 decades. While I do not read bedtime stories with my mom anymore, I still get to relive those cozy memories whenever I grab a book and wrap myself in a Hooded Blanket. It's like a comfy portable blanket fort.

At Emposia, we believe that a Hooded Blanket is like a huge warm hug. It's more than just a regular blanket. You can create and relive cozy memories while wearing one. We strive to make it easy for everyone to enjoy and spread the joy of reading and coziness.

-Mo Amiri, Founder @Emposia :)



The Children's Book Bank

Ever since I founded Emposia and started designing Hooded Blankets for book lovers in 2019, my goal has been to use Emposia to help spread the joy of reading and coziness. That's why we have partnered with The Children's Book Bank in Toronto, Canada.

The Children’s Book Bank provides free books and literacy support to children living in high-needs neighbourhoods across Toronto. The Book Bank's goal is to provide equal access to books for all children in Toronto, thereby improving literacy rates and socioeconomic outcomes.

Since opening, The Children’s Book Bank has given away over 1 million books, for FREE.

When you purchase a hooded blanket, we donate $2 to The Children’s Book Bank. It takes about $2 worth of resources in order to process a book and get it in the hands of a child. That means that your purchase will help a child experience the joy of reading. Visit The Children's Book Bank website to learn more.

Hooded Blankets

Every since the first blanket prototype, we have continued to listen to our Customers for suggestions on how we can improve our Hooded Blankets.

These are some things that have changed since the 1st blanket: resizing of the hood to ensure a comfortable fit for all sizes, adjusting the button attachment for better support and comfort, and using more environment friendly materials, such as the sherpa lining.


Our Team

As a small Canadian business, our team starts with you. Most of the images on our website are taken by and feature our happy Customers and their pets, like Krueger, who 'borrowed' his mom's Hooded Blanket.

We also started a Youtube channel in 2021, Emposia Book Club, to help you discover new books from all genres to add on your bookshelf. Our Content Creators create shorts videos, so if you're a busy book nerd (aka intellectual kick-ass) that is always on the go and can't decide on what to read next, make sure to join our book club!

Finally, we want to introduce you to our book lovin' mascot, Jeffrey the Beaver! Whether he is reading, watching a movie or reading his favourites, you will always find him wrapped up in his Hooded Blanket like a toasty burrito.

We are thrilled that you stumbled on our website! Feel free to drop us an email with your questions, suggestions or just to say hi!