Cozy Classics Hooded Blanket

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  • 🏆 Design Your Blanket Contest (Ended): A lucky Customer will win the chance to design their own hooded blanket with our artists, receive a free blanket with their design on it, and have their design featured in our collection. The winner will be contacted via email during the 1st week of April.

    The Cozy Classics Hooded Blanket is for the reader who finds joy in re-reading his/her all-time favourite novels. A cuppa tea or coffee, a great classic, and a hooded blanket sum up the perfect cozy day-in for this reader. The books featured on the Cozy Classics Hooded Blanket are The Hobbit, IT, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Harry Potter, and Little Women.

    Design brainstormed by Tara from @blogaboutalatte as part of the Bookish Hooded Blanket Collection.

    emposia bookish hooded blankets warranty, fluffy fabric, button attachment, and machine washable

Customer Reviews

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It's bookish! And wearable! What more could I want?

I'm forever bundled up in blankets, and always reach for my one from Emposia. As someone with health related things that mean I'm always cold (to the point of hurting), I've tried and tested many different things - I can honestly say my Emposia blanket is the one thing that instantly warms me - and keeps me cosy - without fail. I'm honestly so impressed with the quality of it, and rely on it so much now.

The coziest ever

All I have to say for Emposia blankets is good things. I have had my blanket for about a year now and I have LOVED it since day one. The design on the blanket is high quality and hasn’t faded at all and the fabric is so warm and fuzzy. I’ve washed this blanket multiple times since my pets love it just as much and it’s still good as new. I love curling up in this hooded blanket, it’s so cosy and warm. This is a perfect gift for every book lover or blanket lover out there!!


I love my hooded blanket! It‘s so warm, soft and cosy that I want to spend my entire winter bundled up in it. Is it okay to go to work like this? :) The quality is superb and customer service is extremely nice and helpful. Two thumbs up!!


As a Canadian, this blanket is EXACTLY what I'll need to keep warm this winter! It's the epitome of cozy and quality mixed into one.


Let me start off by saying I’m a connoisseur of blankets. I have dozens of them all over my house because I am always cold. Emposia blankets surprised me though! They gave me a blanket that is not only fun and bookish with a beautiful pattern with some of my favorite novels featured on it, they gave me a new way to use a blanket that I didn’t already have. This blanket had a hooded feature and I can literally wrap myself completely up into a burrito! The best possible way to use a blanket. It is soft, it is warm and it is much larger than I expected, in the best of ways! And not only do I love it, my 3 year old black lab has taken a liking to it too!