Deer Reader Hooded Blanket

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    The Deer Reader Hooded Blanket is perfect for the whimsical dreamer who loves to travel through books.

    Here's Sabine sharing her thoughts on her hooded blanket...

    Design brainstormed by Carina from @thefictionfaery as part of the Bookish Hooded Blanket Collection.

    emposia bookish hooded blankets warranty, fluffy fabric, button attachment, and machine washable

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Fixed and Fabulous

Hello again,

I'm leaving the old review below, but here's a fun update.

Emposia have actually redesigned the clasp that they use on the blankets and, in my opinion, it is a 5/5 now.

Got a new one delivered last week and it's fantastic! I highly recommended that if you are into comfort and style, as you read, get one...or two!

Also, I want to give a shout out to Mo, the founder, and his service team. I'm very impressed with how you handled everything.

Great job!

(Old review)
Happy new year,

I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my lady. She absolutely loved it; however, there is a small design flaw I wanted to address.

The, "button clasp-thing" that it came with broke on the first day. If you are open to suggestions I have a possible solution. I would recommend sewing two buttons, one on each side, rather than the string loop. As a means of connecting the two buttons, try making a paracord figure eight as a tie. This would have more give and allow for the option to tie things up or wear it loose.

Otherwise, fantastic quality. I will definitely buy from you again!

Be well.


I absolutely adore my Emposia blanket. I’ve owned mine for just over a year now and it’s honestly my favourite thing ever. The design is beautiful and it’s kept it’s colour and quality even after being washed multiple times. The inside of the blanket is fluffy and warm. I love that it has a hood and button to wrap myself in for extra coziness. My favourite thing to do is sit under my blanket and read my book.


I’m naturally a cold person (and that’s saying something considering the Australian heat), so this blanket is my saving grace! I love how cozy the fleece-living on the inside is and how it’s cape-like design makes me feel like Little Red Riding Hood. The design is absolutely gorgeous and gives me all the bookish feels, and I want to collect them all! Can’t wait to wrap myself up like a burrito again next Winter!


I love my emposia blanket! It’s perfect because I truly feel cocooned by warmth in this super soft blanket especially in my chilly apartment. The button feature of the hooded blanket is amazing because I can get up to get a snack without having to escape my blanket!

Best gift from me to me, ever!

I hesitated to buy it, since it's almost spring. But Canadian spring looks like a second winter, so I decided to invest in this gorgeous blanket. It's like a big, warm, toasty hug! It's now my mandatory indoor outfit. And I appreciated the hot chocolate recipe included in the package. It's a very nice touch :)

Wonderful cosy blanket

I bought it as a Christmas present for my daughter, and she loves it. The blanket could only be a little bit longer - she’s a tall girl :-)