Night Dive Hooded Blanket


The coziest sherpa hooded blanket for ocean lovers and sea world fans.

emposia bookish hooded blankets warranty, fluffy fabric, button attachment, and machine washable


Material: Soft environment friendly Sherpa on the interior. You'll feel so fluffy, sheep will be jealous of you.
Button Attachment: Securely placed under the neck area so you can wear your blanket as a cape. Comfy to wear while lounging on the couch, sitting at a desk and even walking around.
Comfy Hood: Spacious and comfy hood for those who want to escape reality while they read.
Size: 200 cm wide and 150 cm tall (including the hood). Wraps around you like a toasty burrito.
Weight: About 900 grams. Comfy and soft to move around in, even if you read at a rate of 1,000 different positions/minute. And thick enough to keep you cozy all year round.

All our wearable hooded blankets are machine washable and dryer friendly. Here's what we recommend to keep your blanket feeling toasty and looking fresh:
  • Cold water machine wash (≤30°C)
  • Low heat machine tumble dry or air dry

˅Shipping & Warranty

Insured Shipping:

  • For USA: 2-day delivery available for some designs. Other express (3-6 day) and standard (10-14 day) delivery options are also available.
  • For Other Countries: Standard 10-14 day delivery ($5 flat fee).
  • Shipping Countries: USA, Canada, U.K., Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, France, and Italy.
Warranty: FREE 365-days design and color warranty on all hooded blankets.

Our Hooded Blanket is like a huge warm hug.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
The hood makes this a win!

It is long, mid calf, on my eight year old grandson just as he likes it and the hood makes it fun. The material is somewhat thin but he reports that it is cozy and he likes how it feels. It comes with an extra button. The button closer works but this could be improved as it has opened when he is moving around. It is very colorful with a nicely designed print and the video theme was perfect. The price seemed a little high for the quality of the material. This makes a nice gift for a young person.

Big and Cozy

It does fluff out just a little bit more after you wash it. It comes in one of those vacuum sealed storage bags so it was like super squashed down when I pulled it out of the pack. And that little vacuum bag is reusable by the way. Also enclosed in the packaging was a nice little thank you card with a hot chocolate recipe on the back. Haven't tried it yet but it looks tasty. The stitching is pretty good along the edges of the blanket. The little button on it does seem a little bit small and flimsy but it did come with an extra one. The blanket itself is nice and soft on the inside. The outside has a more durable feel to it. Coloring of the print design looks to be nice and rich in color. Should hold up to the washing machine fairly well through a good number of washes before fading. It wrapped around me pretty well and when laid out flat it is big enough to share with someone. Definitely looking forward to a night by the fire pit with this wrapped around me and some smores going. My wife and boys are gonna be jealous. LOL!

Perfect for any one!

I love the hooded aspect of this blanket. My kiddo hasnt’ gone a single day without it around his shoulders since we got this, period. It’s the first thing he does when he gets home from school—grab the blanket and around the shoulders! It’s soft, and not too heavy. The print is decent quality as well. Washes well, and didn’t have a horrible smell out of the package! Super cute and would be a great car blanket as well!

Heavier than I thought

My son loves this blanket. A lot of hooded blankets are for smaller children and look like half a hoodie on him, but this one covers him top to bottom and all the way around. It even has a little button under the hood, if you want to secure it. It's a lot heavier than it looks, not in a bad way, just wasn't expecting the density. One side is the print and the other a kind of micro fleece/fiber material. Out of the bag, the material was fairly stiff, but after a wash, it softened up and became more flexible.

Very cute and soft! Great gift idea too!

This 'EMPOSIA' Wearable Hooded Blanket is a wonderful concept! I love how soft and warm the blanket is, and that you can wrap your whole body in it. The hood makes it extra cozy, and the whole thing envelopes my body in a very comfortable feeling. I love the design of the one I ordered, very unique and pretty. These would also make awesome gifts for others. The price is pretty reasonable in my opinion, as it's of nice quality. I would definitely order another one as a gift, as I think most people would really enjoy this. ❤️

So soft and large!

This wearable hooded blanket is awesome! It is so soft and much better quality than I expected. Not to mention it is so big! Would easily fit an adult but also great for a kid. I'm going to order more of these as Christmas gifts for my other kids!

Outstanding in every way!!!

This is a WONDERFUL hooded blanket! So soft and warm and cozy. It's extra long too, so no cold feet! Material used is premium. The customer service is unparalleled as well! They kept contact via email with me throughout the order process, the item was quickly shipped and they even followed up with me afterwards. Order a blanket, you won't be sorry!

S/O to the Insta Gods!

Shout-out to the insta gods for bringing me to this blanket, it is truly just what I was looking for (the button is a game changer!) The quality of the blanket and retro gamer design are perfect and it's just the right amount of cozy!


Although shipping took a hot second to get itself together (not the hooded blanket's fault), I was genuinely really happy with my hooded blanket--not only is it adorable and functional, but it's so warm (so, so warm!) and has the perfect amount of weight to feel comforting as well! I'm really glad I ended up getting it. I definitely would recommend it if you get cold easily.

Courtney M.

Super soft and comfy. Great for chilling on the couch or gaming