Dreamer Hooded Blanket

  • 🏆 Design Your Blanket Contest (Ended): A lucky Customer will win the chance to design their own hooded blanket with our artists, receive a free blanket with their design on it, and have their design featured in our collection. The winner will be contacted via email during the 1st week of April.

    Add a little magic to your reading time with the Dreamer Hooded Blanket. Snuggle up under the stars while you allow yourself to get lost in a story.

    Design brainstormed by Yasmin (@yasminthereader) & Becca (@Becca And The Books) as part of the Bookish Hooded Blanket Collection.

    emposia bookish hooded blankets warranty, fluffy fabric, button attachment, and machine washable

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Absolutely Beautiful!

I saw this on a Booktuber’s blog and thought it looked so soft with such a cute design. My order came quick and I was so happy that it was just as soft and pretty as it looked online! I love using it when I snuggle down with a book.

Love this blanket

I'm absolutely in love with my hooded blanket! I've barely taken it off since I've got it, the little button on the front is genius and makes it easy to wrap yourself up and be burrito snug! The sherpa is so soft and warm and the Dreamer design is absolutely stunning - feels so magical!

I now mostly live in my hooded blanket.

Warm, cosy and the perfect accompaniment to any book. I am rarely not in my hooded blanket. Even my kitty loves it! The quality is superb and I would recommend it unconditionally.


Very warm, much more so than I expected - I'll get to wear it about a total of 4 times a year in Southern California, but I love it anyway. The only complaints I have are the stiffness of the outer layer, im sure it adds weight and warmth but it makes it feel less than ideal, as well as the button sometimes makes me feel like it's choking me unless I have the hood part up, probably because of the weight thing too. Again, overall I love it. I've worn it each time I've gone for a midnight drive-thru since getting it!

It's beautiful! (And my dog, Mia's preferred sitting location when I leave it on the bed)


Bought the dreamer hooded throw for my daughter who's 17, she loves it. Her favourite Christmas present. We have snow as she doesn't use dressing gowns she uses this constantly. Cannot get it off her to wash