Space Cats Hooded Blanket


Indulge your love for cats and outer space with our Space Cats Hooded Blanket. Featuring adorable cats astronauts exploring the cosmos, this blanket is purr-fect for cat lovers and space enthusiasts alike. Let the whimsical charm of these space-faring kitties brighten up your cozy moments.

emposia bookish hooded blankets warranty, fluffy fabric, button attachment, and machine washable


Material: Soft environment friendly Sherpa on the interior. You'll feel so fluffy, sheep will be jealous of you.
Button Attachment: Securely placed under the neck area so you can wear your blanket as a cape. Comfy to wear while lounging on the couch, sitting at a desk and even walking around.
Comfy Hood: Spacious and comfy hood for those who want to escape reality while they read.
Size: 200 cm wide and 150 cm tall (including the hood). Wraps around you like a toasty burrito.
Weight: About 900 grams. Comfy and soft to move around in, even if you read at a rate of 1,000 different positions/minute. And thick enough to keep you cozy all year round.

All our wearable hooded blankets are machine washable and dryer friendly. Here's what we recommend to keep your blanket feeling toasty and looking fresh:
  • Cold water machine wash (≤30°C)
  • Low heat machine tumble dry or air dry

˅Shipping & Warranty

Insured Shipping:

  • For USA: 2-day delivery available for some designs. Other express (3-6 day) and standard (10-14 day) delivery options are also available.
  • For Other Countries: Standard 10-14 day delivery ($5 flat fee).
  • Shipping Countries: USA, Canada, U.K., Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, France, and Italy.
Warranty: FREE 365-days design and color warranty on all hooded blankets.

Our Hooded Blanket is like a huge warm hug.


Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Cozy and soft cloak

This cloak is sized for teens to adults. On little kids the neck button wouldn't sit right but it would still be cute I'm sure. I was worried by the other reviews saying the outer fabric wasn't soft. It was a little stiff coming out of the package but I washed it and it's nice now. It isn't fuzzy on the outside, it's smooth with just a bit of texture, and the inside has the flocked fleece. It is a lightweight fleece but still toasty! I love the pattern and think my son will enjoy his present!

Makes me feel like a wizard

This blanket is fantastic! Starting right off the bat with very nice packaging (it came sealed in a reusable vaccuum bag). Included with the blanket is a little card with a hot chocolate recipe which is very cute! The design of the blanket itself is fabulous, and the patterns are pretty and bright. I like the elastic that fastens to the button, so it's almost more like a cape and I still have free movement for my arms and hands. It also comes with an extra button just in case. It's cute, cozy and makes me feel like a wizard walling around the house!

Jay D.
Soft and comfy

This hooded blanket is really soft and keeps you warm. Good quality and fits all my kids great. Has a bunch of cute cats on it and the inside is like cotton. Very comfortable.

Amazing!! 🤩

Super soft and comfortable. You can tell it’s made really well. Plenty warm. It also can button around your neck like a cape!! It’s awesome! Highly recommend!

Great Cozy Blanket Cloak

+Large Size
+Soft furry side is cozy & warm
+Attractive Design options
+Very Giftable

-None so far

This is a nice hooded blanket that allows you to wear it around like a cloak. It has a button and loop that you use to keep it on. We chose the Dreamer design with the moon and floating books. Love it!

Susy G.
A Readers Dream

This has to be the cutest and most ingenious purchase I have done. As a book nerd, I sometimes find myself with a normal blanket wrapped around myself and twisting it around my neck as a handsfree cape and this was an all in one hooded blanket cape! The design was beautiful and its so soft and thick material. I was the envy of my family. Customer service was so helpful when my package was delayed during christmas season and resolved the issue with no problem. I will definitely come back and purchase another blanket for myself or as a present.

Amazing Product and Top Notch Customer Service

I ordered a hooded blanket earlier this year and fell so in love with it. Y’all, I’m from the South (USA), the land of supreme heat and humidity, and still use it daily. I knew immediately I had to get one for my friend for her birthday also. After the post office lost her package, I contacted customer service to see if there was anything they could do. Emposia FAR exceeded my expectations - I’ve never met a company with such amazing customer service. Not only did they send another blanket to my friend, I just received a surprise second blanket for me as well.

Thank you so much. Emposia. You have me raving about your company to everyone I meet.

If you’re on the fence trying to decide whether to order one? Do it, you won’t regret it. Their product is amazing (my dog agrees as she likes to steal my blanket), but their customer service is also top notch.

Monica H.
So comfy!

This thing is soooooooo comfy. I used it last night to read and relax and I love it so much. It’s a little hard to clasp for clumsy people, I would love if they had an easier way to close it. It doesn’t matter that much to me. Another thing I’d love is POCKETS, and even more sizes. I’ll basically live in this thing all winter!


Warm and pretty. Comfy even though I live in the heat of the desert. Can't wait for winter, and it's perfect for keeping me warm while I read my book.
Only thing that would make it even better is if it had POCKETS. :)

Jennifer R.
Absolutely Beautiful!

I saw this on a Booktuber’s blog and thought it looked so soft with such a cute design. My order came quick and I was so happy that it was just as soft and pretty as it looked online! I love using it when I snuggle down with a book.