A Cozy Christmas Read

A Cozy Christmas Read

December 24, 2019

Your quick essentials to a cozy christmas that makes for the perfect reading atmosphere. Grab your holiday themed book, warm drink, and get ready to recreate the wonderful feelings that can only come from the perfect cozy christmas reads. You'll also get ideas for your bookstagram pictures. Happy holidays, bibliophile!

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bookish reading goals for 2020

10 Reading Goals For Bibliophiles in 2020

December 10, 2019

In this guide, you’ll learn about 10 bookish reading goals that you can set for yourself in 2020. Most, maybe all, of us in the bookish community LOVE setting reading goals for the upcoming year. As bibliophiles, we try and read all the books we can in this lifetime! If you’re looking for new, fun and exciting goals to spice up your reading life, you’re in the right spot.

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an open book next to a holiday themed mug and in the background there's a christmas tree decorated with lights

Holiday Season Reading Challenge For Bibliophiles

November 29, 2019

This Holiday Season Reading Challenge follows a festive format as we attempt to read 5 books, each with a holiday-themed category: A book with snow, Christmas, holiday or December in the title; a childhood favourite; a Christmas tree or snow on the cover; a red, green or white & red book cover, and a photo prompt. Let the festive reading begin!

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rory gilmore show on computer lessons for bibliophiles

22 Lessons Rory Gilmore Can Teach Bibliophiles

November 26, 2019

Here are 22 life lessons that the youngest Gilmore Girl has taught me about living the life of a Bibliophile.The Gilmore Girls have taught me about love, family, pop culture, to find the things I love, whether, coffee, Pop-Tarts, or books. Rory has taught me a lot about being a bibliophile through her love of books.

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spooky halloween book recommendations for bibliophiles guide

16 Spooky Books To Read To Relive Halloween

November 19, 2019

*You've been warned!* This list of 16 spooky book recommendations will put you in the Halloween spirit, no matter the season outdoors. Who cares if it’s July and you’re in the mood for a little Halloween style scare? As an avid reader, you know that the best fix is to read a horror, thriller or mystery book that will send a chill down your spine.

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40 tips to read more for bibliophiles with no time

40 Tips To Read More Books When You Don't Have Time

November 17, 2019

In this guide, you’ll learn 40 of the best tips and strategies to help you squeeze in more reading time, even with your current busy schedule.

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open harry potter book surrounded by orange and yellow autumn leaves on a brown desk

Autumn Reading Guide: 26 Books For Bibliophiles To Cozy Up With

November 12, 2019

The ultimate Autumn Reading GuideHere, you'll find a list of 26 book recommendations for book lovers to stay cozy in Autumn. Whether you’re looking for some witchy fiction, classic literature, children’s books, mysteries, or even a contemporary, this list will help guide you.


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